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Welcome to Webmites


Webmites is Sally Piracha, a Brisbane-based communications specialist with over thirty years experience. The Webmites concept was born from an on-paper rant Sal had after meeting a new client. Blood boiling, Sal wrote down her many frustrations with the client's situation. (You can read about that here.)

Long story short, Sal has some golden rules for Webmites: 

  • Get serious about low cost, high impact marketing. 

  • Have a marketing plan and a budget to cover it.

  • A website is not a marketing plan.

  • A digital marketing plan is not a marketing plan.

  • Know your stakeholders and how to communicate with them.

  • Just because we can doesn't mean we should.




Sal's various roles have included Entertainment Publicist, Radio Copywriter, Export Logistics Coordinator, Customer Service Representative, Project Manager, Organisational Change Manager, Blogger, Website Creator, Film Reviewer and Graphic Artist.

Since embracing the freelance life, Sal has worked with the following clients:

  • Wingham Sesquicentenary of Public Education - Wingham NSW

  • The Vintage Apron - Capalaba QLD

  • Stockdales for Hair - Capalaba QLD

  • Agridome - Mansfield, VIC

  • Redland Rhapsody Chorus - Redlands, QLD

  • The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children - Sydney NSW

  • Trivia Tribe - Brisbane QLD

  • Mid Coast 2020 - Taree NSW

  • Catherine McGregor - Canberra ACT

2012 - National Finalist, Australia's Best Blogs for Only the Depth Varies

2013 - National Finalist, Australia's Best Blogs for Only the Depth Varies

2014 - Event of the Year Finalist, Greater Taree City Council for Wingham Sesqui

2018 - Sweet Adelines Australia - Marketing Award for Redland Rhapsody Chorus


About Sal



Marketing Services

Each of the elements below is involved in marketing, but as part of a well prepared marketing plan, they become powerful tools in your business. Sal can perform comprehensive marketing health checks on your existing business, design a marketing strategy for a new business, run brainstorming sessions and stakeholder analysis, and create and deploy all of the marketing bits and bobs in house. 


Sal creates websites, designed with your customers in mind. Each website is unique, created from a blank screen rather than a template, with content developed using over thirty years experience in communication, marketing, blogging, design and management.

Writing and Blogging

From menu descriptions to political commentary, from film reviews to work instructions, we can write it - and have. Sal was a national finalist in the Australian Best Blogs competition in. 2012 and 2013.

Graphic Design and Logos

Sal found her flair for design while sharing a house with her mother, an artist. She has designed for print and online projects, included all of her websites, social media content, flyers, posters, menus, programmes, postcards and more.

Publicity and PR

Fresh from a degree in Communication, Sal jumped straight into entertainment publicity, with the philosophy that media coverage achieves more when it's free. Let's get people talking about you, not skipping over those expensive ads. Sal will look after your reputation, and ensure that what you're selling and what you're "telling" are aligned.

Organisational Change Management

The not-so-gentle art of OCM is a growing field, specialising in the "people" side of major project management. Identifying risk, breaking down change resistance, communication, training and psychology are all involved in this developing art, for which Sal has years of experience and a DipOCM from the Australian Institute of Management.


Sal is an experienced meeting facilitator and workshop designer/presenter who enjoys nothing more than guiding and documenting brainstorming sessions and targeted workshops that find practical solutions for business. She also presents workshops on blogging, stakeholder management and direct sales.


What They're Saying

A thoughtful presentation with excellent photographs and artwork that demonstrate commitment to strategic marketing, both internally and to the wider community , especially local media. The key section on Key Lessons for chorus marketers shows that you are taking time to review the work undertaken, while presenting excellent tips that other choruses could easily use. Congratulations on the gorgeous concert programme produced for the 21st Birthday Celebrations. It told your story eloquently yet succinctly  and was well illustrated with photographs. Also booted with the links to the local community who supported your programme with advertisements. In all, another outstanding year for Redland Rhapsody’s Marketing Team , who continue to set the bar very high.


(Sally Piracha - Marketing Team Leader)


Remarks on submission for:

Sweet Adelines Australia Marketing Award, 

Sal is an astute and professional strategic planner, communicator and project manager. She project managed the 150 year celebration of Public Education in Wingham (Wingham Sesquicentenary). The project saw her lead a team of volunteers through a year long project to plan and produce a series of events for the three day celebration; develop a communications programme to promote the event, produce a number of publications, track down a complex network of former students and teachers from all over the world. The event was a great success, reconnecting hundreds of people around an important issue - public education. Sal managed the Wingham Sesquicentenary with professionalism and respect.

Carolyn Hardy

Chief Executive Officer,

Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation

Vibrant yet thoughtful, elegant and measured yet still purposeful and strong…this is how I describe Sal Piracha’s gorgeous designs and mindful copy. As lone of our chorus’s Marketing Managers, she was required to cover all bases I.e. preparing the marketing lpklan, clocking up with strategies and concepts, then producing content and artwork and design. Sal is great to work with and always well informed in what she is doing and what will work best for her clients. Sal’s fabulous.


Anna-Marie Shew

Writer, Editor, Proofreader and Desktop Publisher

Hey Sal, I love the Sharks promo you made - thanks. It's awesome, the best Trivia promotion I've seen in 15 years of running shows.
 - Mike van Acker
Radio Host, 97.3FM and Trivia Host
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