The Vintage Apron is an upmarket cafe and catering business with a clear personality. When I started working with TVA, they already had a logo, but no website, social media or marketing plan. They did have an excellent product, and a quiet determination to succeed. My priorities were to 


  • create the website

  • establish the visual brand

  • promote the brand through social media

  • integrate the business into the community


These images (right) have been created to highlight the simple black and white logo, and were used across social media, the website, and in printed form as posters, flyers and table cards. 


Kylie Knight


Kylie Knight Reflexology is a delightful work in progress. I created Kylie’s logo - a purple mandala featuring feet - to reflect her calmness and spirituality. Her passion for purple is well known, so colours were never a choice we needed to make. Her website in now in development. The visual style is being dictated by the logo style. 

Design 14.PNG
Design 13.PNG
Untitled design.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 6.56.13 pm.png



The Webmites concept, logo and branding have been emerging for around a year, finally arriving at what you see here. Developing my own logo reminded me that it’s okay sit with an idea, to let it ferment. It’s also okay to change your mind, both as a client, and as a creative.


Trivia Tribe

The Trivia Tribe project started with a blank page. Being a fun, entertainment product, the logo needed to be fun, colourful, flexible and usable. The lightglobe with exploding coloured paint provided the jumping off point for the visual style that used for the website, stationery, and social media images which followed. The client’s changing priorities meant this project never went fully live, but the images remain some of my favourites.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.04.22 pm.png
Design 11.PNG

MidCoast 2020

Some random images created for a community group protesting some decisions made by their local council. These are ultimately used as stickers and posters.


Stockdales for Hair


Stockdales for Hair was a local salon with no professional online presence. Their website was, by their own admission, amateurish, and I was asked to fix it. The owners had commissioned a logo, but had not developed any compelling branding. (See logo above). In fact, it was easier to create a new website from scratch than to work with the existing one. We finally settled on a visual theme that emphasised glorious, healthy hair - not as obvious as you might think. To read more about the challenges in developing this brand, click here.

Design 3.PNG
Design 2.PNG
Design 6.PNG
Design 10.PNG
Design 7.PNG

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

The RIDBC was a one-off project, an urgent request to create an invitation to a fundraiser. The lesson here is the importance of providing a practical brief, which this client did. The great brief allowed me to work quickly to provide a proof of concept, which was accepted. From there, creating the final product was relatively stress-free. 

Excellent! You've nailed it! A bit of tweaking of my text but exactly what I was after!!

Untitled design.png

Darren Parmenter

Corporate &. Community Partnerships Mgr

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children


Eva Sless


The Eva Sless project resulted in some very strong images, fitting for a woman writing unabashedly about sex. Her trademark turquoise hair suggested the pops of colour on the plain black background with simple white text. The theme translated well to printed material and stationery.

Design 3.PNG

Redland Rhapsody Chorus


Catherine McGregor AM